Got a question? Check out our FAQ below, if you can’t find the answer, drop us an email.

How does Marketing Bids work?

Businesses or individuals that are looking for marketing advice and quotes just need to complete a quote form and the details are then sent to registered companies that supply the service you are looking for to review.

Registered companies that feel they can help then will respond to your enquiry offering advice and a quote.

There is no fee or obligation for a businesses or individual to work with any of the companies that provide quotes.

Why Can’t I see All Requests?

When you registered your account, you selected the services you offer from our list.

By default you will only see jobs that match the services you offer. You can select more services by going to Edit Your Profile and selecting more services and saving your profile. You can select all services if you want, then you will see every request made.

How do I post a new lead for people to see?

Just go to Get Quotes and submit the details of the work you need doing.

We will inform the agencies, freelancers and consultants registered on the site that do the type of work you need.

They will then decide if they can do the work, and get in touch.

How do I view a new lead?

You need an account on the site to view jobs. Don’t worry, its free, just sign up here.

Once logged in you can view recent leads, or search by town or county. The details of the lead are free, but you need to buy credits to unlock the contact details.

How long do my Credits last?

Once purchased, Credits do not expire. You can leave them in your account and purchase access to leads whenever you wish.

What is the cost of a Lead?

Leads vary in cost depending on what category the lead is in, and the size of the work involved.

A lead with a budget of 50k will require more credits than a lead with a budget of 1k.

This is in the interests of the clients, and to make sure they get the best possible response from their enquiry.

Is my Data used or sold on?

Absolutely not. We believe strongly in your Privacy.

Any company or contact details added to Marketing Bids are only kept on the site, and never sold on for marketing purposes.

We use your details to send you information / updates, but you can even opt out of these if you wish.